Quantitative Finance Programming Project

21 Dec

Please Check and revert this mail asap

Deadline – Need only 50% work first and not the complete solution by 25th Jan

30-40 Pages

UK Client

Requirements, Attachments, Instructions & Specifications from the Client as under:

Client Expectations:

  • Length of project: should be in the range of 30-40 pages in Microsoft Word (Font: Arial, Size: 11). The code has to be provided separately and has to be fully documented.
  • Before starting the project, I would require to know which programming language you are using and which version.
  • The requirements and instructions of the project should be 100% followed. If there is anything that is unclear or you believe you cannot fully deliver, I would like to know before proceeding.
  • If in doubt about any of the requirements I would expect you to ask me first. As I said, I have relevant material which I can share to give you the right direction on the techniques that should be used.
  • I will judge and review the work to check that it satisfies the requirements and the quality I am looking for (in terms of techniques used, accuracy, code, level of analysis, explanations and write up of report),
  • I am aiming for high First Class grade. Minimum of 90%. If you believe this will not be the case, I would like to know in advance.
  • If after receiving the completed project I find that it does not meet the criteria I have stated in my previous and current communications, I would expect you to be available to make amendments or additions to the project as required
  • All the work has to be fully completed and submitted to me by midnight of 3rd of January (UK time).
  • Note: I have attached the requirements and instructions again for your reference.
  • I need to emphasise, in case it wasn’t clear in the instructions, that graphs/charts generated by the code are very important for the project to score a high mark.
  • The tutor must:• Fully meet the requirements as set out in the supporting documents• Provide the completed assignment on time (by midnight of 3rd January 2017 –UK time)
  • • Provide the first half of the assignment completed for review by midnight of the 28th December 2016 (UK time).
  • • Deliver high-quality work (aim for minimum achieved grade of 90%)

I have attached the resources I have available – will you please pass these to the subject-matter expert. Please note that there should be no plagiarism and the project should not be solely based on these resources – they are rather provided for direction on the quantitative techniques to use.  I would like to ask you to treat these resources confidentially and not pass them over to anyone or reproduce them in any way.


If equations/formulae/explanations from these resources are used I would require you to clearly reference them by having a clear references section at the end of the project and by numbering accordingly the places within the project that the resource has been used. The same is required when another resource (including papers, books, websites, journals etc.) is used.


If in doubt if something constitutes plagiarism, please ask me and I will confirm as soon as possible. The code should be original and not extracted from somewhere – the basis of this assignment is the code itself so it should reflect its originality.


I appreciate I am sending over a lot of stuff – they are however meant to make your life easier and help us both in achieving the best possible outcome, so please do go through these to get a better understanding of the project and clear direction. The resources attached include very good material on both sections of the project (CVA component, Time Series & Backtesting) as well as useful material on Statistical Package R.


As always, please let me know if anything is unclear or if you have trouble downloading the documents.

Country UK
Subject Quantitative Finance Programming Project
Word Count/ Number of Pages 30-40 pages
Deadline 01/03/2017 (for the final work), remaining 50%)
Requirement Hello,
I am looking for an expert to work on a quantitative finance programming project. The project requires both a working code (with explanations) and a written report. I would be looking for the code to be written in MatLab, R, Python or C++. Please review the requirements I will provide further notes to help give a direction to the report
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