Intro to Nutrition Controversy Project –Fall 2015

19 Dec

Intro to Nutrition Controversy Project –Fall 2015


This project is an opportunity for you to select a nutrition-related topic of interest to explore further. A ‘controversy’ is a topic that has two sides: pros and cons. You will research this topic and create a presentation to the class that discusses both sides in a balanced manner. You are allowed to have an opinion on the subject, and you can share that opinion; HOWEVER it is essential that you present information on the opposite side as well.

Controversy Presentations will be presented during the last two class periods.


  • Supporting visual (powerpoint, posterboard, short video clips) (10 points)


  • You will present in front of the class for a minimum of 10 minutes and must include the following:                                                                                                 (15 points)
    • Definition of topic
    • Pros (minimum 2 reputable sources)
    • Cons (minimum 2 reputable sources)
    • Include class participation (questions/discussion)


  • You will submit a summary page summarizing your presentation, including your opinion. (5 points)


  • You will submit a reference page-MUST BE FROM SCHOLARLY SOURCES (5 points)
    • Consultation with class librarian is strongly encouraged
    • Communication with Karen about your questions is also encouraged
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