Step 4:Findone (1) article about indigenous issues that is a “good news” story

13 Dec

Step 4:Findone (1) article about indigenous issues that is a “good news” story(about something positive).  Then follow these steps:

  1. Summarize each article (250-500 words per summary),highlighting what the issue is that is spoken of, where the issue took place, and anything else that helps explain the article.
  2. Write a 500-750 word analysis that answers the following questions: What did this article teach you about indigenous issues/people?Did an indigenous person write this article? Did this article interview indigenous people for their research and do you think it was important that they did/did not do this? Did learning about this “good news” story” change your perspective about indigenous people for the better? And most importantly, do you think that telling more positive news stories about indigenous people can help improve the realities of indigenous peoples?  Be sure to explain your reasoning.
  3. Include any other personal reflection and analysis of the articles that you wish to. Be sure to reference the news articles, the Reporting on Indigenous Communities website articles, and you may reference other sources that you find helpful as well.


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