Assignment 3

11 Dec



Individual Project: Use empirical evidence to explore the political management research question posed in your Individual Project Proposal. Detailed requirements will be discussed in class and posted to Blackboard.

  1. Construct a literature review. Must incorporate at least six quality, academic sources. Note: a minimum of four of the sources must be empirical pieces involving statistical analysis of a relationship (i.e., testing whether independent variables have a significant effect on a dependent variable).
  2. Select a secondary dataset(s) from a legitimate source (e.g., General Social Survey, National Election Study, U.S. Census Data, Department of Justice, Pew Research, World Development Indicators, etc.) or construct your own primary survey (with my approval) to gather primary data;
  3. Analyze the variables and relationship(s) in SPSS using appropriate statistical tests;
  4. Draw conclusions and make actionable recommendations based on results; and
  5. Acknowledge shortcomings and make recommendations for future research improvement.
  6. Individual Project Presentation: Using PowerPoint or a similar presentation tool, present your Individual Project purpose, methods, analysis, results, and recommendations to the class.

    Use SPSS

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