Answer the following questions

10 Dec

In what ways does Zappos’ culture help and/or hinder the company’s performance? Be specific; Connect aspects of the culture to Zappos’ outcomes; i.e. show how the culture matters—for better or worse.

Now turn to your organization. We want you to both describe it and analyze it. More specifically, use the framework, “Dimensions of Organizational Culture Profile,” in the text to answer the following: Which three of the seven dimensions best describe the “core” of your company’s culture. Be sure to use examples; i.e. point to specific behavior, measures, activities that illustrate each of the three dimensions.
Then, just as you did in the question about Zappos, explain how your organization’s culture—especially the three dimensions– helps and/or hinders its business performance? Be specific and use examples. (If you can’t/don’t illustrate the connection between your culture and results, you haven’t thought about it enough.)

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