IENG 331 Project 4

05 Dec

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IENG 331 Project #4: My Payroll Program Fall 2016
Task: Write a Visual Basic program to compute employee’s weekly gross pay, federal tax (14% of gross), state tax (10% of gross), social security tax (6% of gross), and net pay. The “Get Data” button of your program should read employee ID, First Name, Last Name, Hours Worked, and Hourly Pay rate from a user specified .csv file. Store employee data in an appropriate structure and display it in a data grid. The “Compute Pay” button of your program should compute each employee’s taxes (federal, state, and social security) and net pay. Employee’s pay rate changes to one and a half times for hours exceeding 40. Display the computed taxes and net pay in same data grid as input data. The “Save Pay” button of your program should save the contents of the data grid to a user specified output file. The “Clear” button should clear the data grid.
All computational tasks should be carried out by general purpose sub-procedures located in a module. Code under the buttons should call the appropriate sub-procedure. Figure 1 shows a screen shot after the “Get Data” button is clicked. Figure 2 shows a screen shot after the “Compute Pay” button is clicked. Figure 3 and 4 show saved file in Excel and Notepad, respectively.
Report: Hand in a report typed in Microsoft Word on the project due date. Due date will be posted on eCampus. The report should include problem statement and program description. Program description should include: a) Pseudo code, b) Sample test data, c) Screen shots of sample runs, and d) Program limitations. Hand in a hard copy of the report along with the project flash drive containing all files necessary to run your program and a soft copy of the project report.
Use of structure to store input data
Overall project description
Get data sub-procedure
Description of get data sub-procedure
Show Data Sub-procedure
Description of show data sub-procedure
Calculation and display taxes and net pay
Calculation and display of taxes and net pay
Saving contents of data grid to a .csv file
Description of save sub-procedure
Figure 1: Output after Get Data
Figure 2: Output after Compute Pay
Figure 3: Saved file opened by Excel
Figure 4: Saved file opened by Notepad

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