digital forensics assignment

02 Dec

Two suspects, Dash Riprock and Jorge Toledo were arrested in a counterfeiting scam that involved
faking credit cards and using them to make illegal purchases. The police imaged an old laptop that
was in the possession of Mr Toledo and named the image CNF-ID-THEFT.E01.
You are asked to investigate the image to provide evidence for a case to allow for the prosecution
of the suspects.
The following questions are stated to help you focus on relevant information (Answer all Questions
in your report):
1. Can you provide information on the disk image?
2. What computer software accounts exist in the image?
3. What is the evidence for credit card faking and purchases being made?
4. List credit card numbers and shops subjected to fraud.
5. Is there any indication of other computers/storage devices that need to be analysed?
6. Who did what, when, where and how?
You must submit a digital forensics report written in a professional style and template.

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