Quiz 3: Coors case study

29 Nov

Quiz 3: Coors case study

We are going to investigate the case of Coors Beer (no pun intended – but a case of Coors may make this exercise more enjoyable??).  Start by watching the YouTube link and then read the two articles.  When you have finished, you will probably be saying to yourself, “I must be missing something here?”  You’ll need to do a little internet research to fill in the pieces and to answer the questions.  You do not need to assemble an APA-reference bibliography for this quiz, just list the web addresses that use.


Watch the video first and then read the two reports that follow.

  • Using this information and the internet, describe what happen to Coors between 2007 and now. There is a lot of info out there to fill in the holes.


  • Use Porters 5 competitive forces to evaluate Coors competitive strategy, strengths and weaknesses (competitive advantages/disadvantages) during this period.


  • Discuss Coors 2007-2015 strategy in terms of Porters five strategic principles.


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