28 Nov

Goal: To eliminate the use of excel and create a quote tracker and job tracker database on top of that able to generate quotation. Basically ALL-IN-ONE system

1) Create Quote Tracker (using Access FORM)
2) Create Job Tracker (using Access FORM)
3) Create Quotation System and generate quotation to email it to customer (using Access FORM)
4) Whole access should be simple and straightforward to use


Quote and Job tracker

1) Adam receive email (quotes) from customer include Reference Number then Adam has to create quote list on quotes tracker

2) Adam then send the email to John

3) John review and make the quotes (set pricing) then send it back to Adam

4) Adam then attached quote and email it back to customer

5) -If Won job Adam will update quote tracker as (Won) status and create job into Job tracker
-If Lose job Adam will update quote tracker as (Lost) status

Quotation System Form

For example:

Product  (*This column should be using ComboBox) UOM (Units of Measurement) Quantity Price
Supply 32mm Subduct as per Telstra standards Per metre 1 $6.00


Supply and install 32mm Tdux system into subducts, conduits Each 2 $35.00
Supply and install 64mm Tdux system into conduits and pits Each 1 $45.00
      = Total Price


*Product able to choose from hauling, splicing, and traffic management list.
*UOM and Price should auto update when product are chosen.
*Able to insert new product on “FORM” and product will auto update in the database.

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