Individual Assessment 2000 Word Essay

25 Nov

Individual  Assessment  – Essay 50% – Not a duplication of presentation – Further research and  development

Further developing on your research for Pipers Crisps write an essay to include the following:-

a.Identify current global/international marketing activity currently taking place with Pipers Crisps, identify both traditional and digital methods currently implemented Website, press release. Will form part of the introduction.

b.To assist identifying potential opportunities for Pipers, explore how the competing luxury snacks market operate on an International Level.  Expand research of competing brands with focus on ‘Luxury’ not just crisps- what is their target audience? Why? May inspire ideas for new markets for Pipers crisps. Remember to consider Pipers values and beliefs, consider ‘Providence’ If/do people care where ingredients are sourced? Which segement may care? Country/region/demographic – consider all options drawn from research.

c.What measures should be taken to ensure effective customer relationships are established and maintained in both the context of Business to Business and Business to Customers? Identifying relationships involved in the process – Culture differences? Inter-cultural considerations

d.What recommendations would you suggest to expand International Marketing activity for Pipers Crisps with consideration to traditional and digital methods?  Market Entry Strategies and Social and Cultural Considerations for International Marketing

Week 11 Assignment Support Workshop – Prepare and bring essay plan – Q & A opportunity

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