Team Course Project

24 Nov

Team Course Project: This course will include a 4 week-long advertising campaign strategy project for a club or organization on campus and a formal paper to discuss the experience.


Both group and individual work will be required throughout the course of the project. Students create advertising campaigns and run them demonstrating how advertising concepts are used to engage an audience and enhance comprehension of different forms of promotional communication for a real client.


Team project will last 4 weeks and we will discuss the perimeters of your ‘hands-on’ advertising assignment in class. You will be engaging in real time, real life advertising.


Each group will document their group project through a formal paper. Paper is graded separately and is worth 100 points. Paper should include the following eight items.


Team Project Group Paper should include the following :

  1. Executive Summary [10 points ]
  2. Introduction of Group Selected [5 points ]
  3. Selection of Group, Strategy and Process [15 points ]
  4. Demographics, characteristics, Targets, subgroups [CH4] [5 points ]
  5. Pertinent information to reach audience [CH 5]
  6. emotion appeal, logical appeal, etc.
  7. Discussion of the selection of Advertising medium or vehicle [10 points ]
  8. Proposed Ad placement, account planning [CH6], Wording & Graphics
  9. Roadblocks to reception explored
  10. Outline of Goals for Ad campaign [CH 7] [15 points ]
  11. Who, what, where, and why for target audience connecting with client goals
  12. Discussion of how graphics, wording, tone, layout and delivery of message connect with target audience [CH 8/ 9] [15 points ]
  13. Results of Ad campaign [CH 12] [10 points ]
  14. Include any actual results obtained along with the why/why not results were realized
  15. How was awareness/participation increased
  16. Conclusion [15 points ]
  17. What did you learn, what would you do differently, your comments.
  18. Appendix should include tables, SWOT if done, and any notes from group meetings
  19. Bibliography if needed
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