How to prepare Business Continuity Plan?

24 Nov

How to prepare Business Continuity Plan?
Business Continuity Planning Phases
1. Project Initiation
• Define Business Continuity Objective and Scope of coverage.
• Establish a Business Continuity Steering Committee.
• Draw up Business Continuity Policies.
2. Business Analysis
• Perform Risk Analysis and Business Impact Analysis.
• Consider Alternative Business Continuity Strategies.
• Carry out Cost-Benefit Analysis and select a Strategy.
• Develop a Business Continuity Budget.
3. Design and Development (Designing the Plan)
• Set up a Business Recovery Team and assign responsibility to the members.
• Identify Plan Structure and major components
• Develop Backup and Recovery Strategies.
• Develop Scenario to Execute Plan.
• Develop Escalation, Notification and Plan Activation Criteria.
• Develop General Plan Administration Policy.
4. Implementation (Creating the Plan)
• Prepare Emergency Response Procedures.
• Prepare Command Center Activation Procedures.
• Prepare Detailed Recovery Procedures.
• Prepare Vendors Contracts and Purchase of Recovery Resources.
• Ensure everything necessary is in place.
• Ensure Recovery Team members know their Duties and Responsibilities.
5. Testing
• Exercise Plan based on selected Scenario.
• Produce Test Report and Evaluate the Result.
• Provide Training and Awareness to all Personnel.
6. Maintenance (Updating the Plan)
• Review the Plan periodically.
• Update the Plan with any Changes or Improvement.
• Distribute the Plan to Recovery Team members.
Business Continuity Plan Outline (simplified based on sample BCP provided by MIT)
• Organizational Mission Essentials
• Overview
• Purpose
• Assumptions
• Development
• Maintenance
• Testing
2. Organization of Disaster Response and Recovery
• Steering Committee
• Business Continuity Management Team
• Organization Support Teams
• Disaster Response
• Disaster Detection and Determination
• Disaster Notification
3. Initiation of the Business Continuity Plan
• Activation of a Business Continuity Site
• Dissemination of Public Information
• Disaster Recovery Strategy
• Emergency Phase
• Backup Phase
• Recovery Phase
4. Scope of the Business Continuity Plan
• Overview
• Category I – Critical Functions
• Category II – Essential Functions
• Category III – Necessary Functions
• Category IV – Desirable Functions

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