Unit 19: Object Oriented Programming Unit 41: Programming in Java

23 Nov
Purpose of this assignment

This assignment considers the skills required to perform effectively as a computing and systems development employee. It will almost certainly be a requirement that as an employee, you will need to produce software solutions, generate technical documentations for long term support, and producing product training materials to train end users for your product. This assignment will develop those skills.


It also deals with problem solving which includes the identification or specification of the ‘problem’, strategies for its solution and then evaluation of the solution through reflective practice.



‘ABC’ Library is one of the biggest library in Penang ,Malaysia. Currently it has about 300 members. A person who is 18 or above can become a member. There is a membership fee of RM400 for a year. There is a form to be filled in which person fills personal details. These forms are kept in store for maintaining members’ records and knowing the membership period.

A member can be issued a maximum of three books. He/she has three cards to borrow books. Against each card a member can borrow one book from library. Whenever a member wishes to borrow a book and there are spare cards, then the book is issued. Otherwise that request is not entertained. Each book is to be returned on the specified due date. If a member fails to return a book on the specified date, a fine of RM2.00 per day after the due return date is charged. If in case a card gets lost then a duplicate card is issued. Accounts are maintained for the membership fees and money collected from the fines. There are two librarians for books return and issue transaction. Approximately 100 members come to the library daily to borrow and return books.

There are 5000 books available out of which 1000 books are for reference and cannot be issued. Records for the books in the library are maintained. These records contain details about the publisher, author, subject, language, etc. There are suppliers that supply books to the library. Library maintains records of these suppliers.

Many reports are also produced. These reports are for details of the books available in the library, financial details, members’ details, and supplier’s details. Sometimes the library staff needs to know about the status of a book as to whether it is issued or not. Also management requires reports for books issued, books in the library, members, and accounts.

Currently all functions of the library are done manually. Even the records are maintained on papers. Now day by day members are increasing. Maintaining manual records is becoming a difficult task.

Management plans to expand the library, in terms of books, number of members and finally the revenue generated. It is observed that every month there are at least 50-100 requests for membership. For the last two months the library has not entertained requests for new membership as it was difficult to manage the existing 250 members manually. With the expansion plans, the management of the library aims to increase its members at the rate of 75 per month. It also plans to increase the membership fees from RM400 to RM1000 for yearly and RM500 for half year, in order to provide its members better services, which includes increase in number of books from 3 to 4.

Due to the problems faced by the library staff and its expansion plans, the management is planning to have a system that would first eradicate the need for cards. A system to automate the functions of record keeping and report generation. And which could help in executing the different searches in a faster manner. The system is also expected to handle the financial details.


ABC Library had earlier consulted and outsourced the project to your company “Spark Technology”. After preliminary investigation and analysis phase, your manager Mr Sam has assigned the task to you to produce a prototype using an Object Oriented Language, Java.


Once you are done he has asked you to compile it to a report and present it to ABC Library’s management. You are to also demonstrate the prototype to the users of the system.


As an alternative to this scenario, you may pick any other organization of your choice, of whom you think may benefit from having a new system developed and carry out the tasks required. Your new scenario must first be approved by the lecturer.


To prepare this report, you will need to answer all questions on Tasks ???.


Submission guidelines:

•        Times New Roman, 12pt, Justify, 1.5 spacing

•        Cover page: (Organization name, your student ID and name, subject and lecturer name)

•        Content page with correct page number listed

•        Use only Harvard Referencing


Task 1 : (LO 1: 1.1 and 1.2, and M1)



Task 2 (LO 2: 2.1 and M3)



Task 3 (LO 4: 4.2 and M1)



Task 4 (LO 4: 4.3 and M3)



Task 5 (LO 4: 4.1 and D2)




Evidence checklist Summary of evidence required by student Evidence presented
Task 1
Task 2
Task 3
Task 4
Task 5
Sources of information:


Give the students some sources here – e.g. websites, books, magazines, etc


You may also wish to include a glossary: e.g. “research”, “evaluation”, “justification”


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