Service Operations Management

23 Nov

Final Project

Service Operations Management

Fall 2016-2017 Semester


Type: Individual

Each Student is required to submit the project on an individual basis. No group work is allowed.

Time Duration:

The last date for the submission of project is 27th of November, 2016, after this time, no project will be accepted.


You are not allowed to copy and paste any material from the internet or your fellow colleagues. However, some amount of work maybe somewhat similar to the material available on the website but I still recommend writing it in your own words to make it a genuine study. Any assignment received which is copied in excess of 15-20 % would be returned for re-writing. However, any such assignment received by the deadline would be rejected.


The final project carries 20 marks in total.













Part 1: 10 Steps of Service

Watch the following video:

Do you think all the areas of restaurant service has been covered? Defend the answer by your opinion.

Elaborate Stage 6 bad experience and how a restaurant changed it to a pleasant one?

Why do you think is Step 7 (Clearing the Decks) very critical?


Can you devise a 10 step process for Hospital service?




Part 2: Cold Calling in UAE Banks

The article discusses a bank manager’s view on cold calling. Even though telemarketing is gaining popularity all over the globe but in banking, cold calling is disliked by most of the customers.  What would you suggest to make the process better?

If you are a bank manager, and you need marketing of your financial products, how will you reach your customers? How will you introduce your products without cold calling approach?





Part 3: Operational Excellence

Uniformity of services in all times and situations is an art. We visit certain stores, restaurants and hotels because we believe we will always get a high level of service. If you were a service operations manager for Emax, what key instructions would you give to your store employees to make sure the level of service is always excellent?

How would you make sure your supply management team can contribute to operational excellence?

Does technology support operational services? How? Can you give an example of a place/service where technological support made end user satisfaction high?





Part 4: Service Operations in Healthcare

Recently, a hospital opened in Dubai aiming at a 100% female staff.  Its called Medcare Women and Children hospital. Do you think it’s a marketable idea in the first place?


Keeping the 10-steps you devised in Part I, do you believe women in all steps will serve the purpose? What would be the drawback for opening a 100% female employed hospital? What would be the strength? In which hospital services do you think men are better than women?




Part 5: Fuzzy Expectations

Brussels Airlines ad in the above link is very interesting and catchy. What do you think is the goal of the ad?

What kind of service promises do you think Brussels Airlines is making through this ad?

Do you think the customers will treat the ad as a marketing glitch or they will actually prefer the service after seeing the ad?







Part 6: Legoland Dubai

Recall the Service Concept we covered in Chapter 3 and create a service concept for LegoLand Dubai.

I am pasting the example we studied in the class:

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