Psychology 40S Assignment – Addiction Article Analysis

23 Nov


Psychology 40S Assignment – Addiction Article Analysis

Date Due: Wednesday, November 23rd                                                   Mark: _________/10                           (Term value 3%)

BACKGROUND:  In this assignment you will demonstrate your ability to read and comprehend an article on a topic in Psychology.  While this is an opinion piece rather than a formal journal article, it is well-written and in many ways the kind of writing that lay persons are exposed to in popular culture.  Most of the questions presented merely require you to accurately summarize the article’s content.  Where asked to state your opinion, be sure to give thought to the development of your responses.


  1. Carefully read the article distributed in class and highlight/take notes on it.


  1. Answer the questions below in a formal, academic style (limited use of first person point of view, absence of slang/colloquial language). Your answers must be in complete sentences and should be thorough and detailed rather than merely cursory.  Responses should be type-written and submitted without a title page.  Include your full name, student number, course and section number, instructor’s name and date submitted.  Your paper should be a minimum of three and a maximum of five pages in length.  Number pages and use a running header


Article – Hari, Johann. “The Likely Cause of Addiction Has Been Discovered, and It Is Not What You Think”. Huffington Post. 20 January 2015.

Questions on the Article

  1. According to author Johann Hari, what is the mainstream view of the cause of drug addiction?
  2. In what ways did rat experiments contribute to misconceptions of the cause of addiction?
  3. Summarize the details and results of Bruce Alexander’s Rat Park experiment.
  4. According to the author, how was the Vietnam War the human equivalent of the Rat Park study?
  5. What were the details of Alexander’s second phase of the Rat Park experiment? What were the results?
  6. What typically happens to patients in the case of medical use of diamorphine, and why?
  7. Summarize the main points of Peter Cohen’s proposed theory regarding addiction.
  8. What did the advent of nicotine patches reveal about cigarette addiction and addiction in general?
  9. According to the author, what is ironic about the war on drugs?
  10. What are the alternatives to the war on drugs? Where have these alternatives been enacted? What have been the results of enacting these alternatives?
  11. According to Hari and George Monbiot, why is loneliness increasing in our society?
  12. Provide a reflection on the major issues discussed in this article. How did it impact your views?
  13. Offer constructive criticism of the author’s perspective. What arguments, if any, do you disagree with and why?  How might the points made in this article change the way we view and treat addiction?
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