ISOM 300 – Project Management – Reflective Report Guideline

23 Nov


ISOM 300 – Project Management – Reflective Report Guideline


The lack of understanding the importance of Project Management (PM) in practice has decreased students’ motivation to study PM. The purpose of this report is to improve business students’ understanding on the values and impacts of PM in other fields, such as marketing, accounting, finance and for different professional careers because PM includes the tools that could be used in all business areas.


  1. A) Formats (20 points)


  1. Create a Word/PDF file and submit it on Blackboard (5 points)

 Final report is due at 11:59 pm EST on 12/11 (Sunday). No late submission will be accepted.


  1. Times New Roman, font 12, 1” margin on all sides (5 pts)

 Cover page is required, but it will not be counted as part of 800 words.


  1. Title: How Project Management can help XXX major/career/industry (10 pts)

 XXX is your major or your preferred professional career, or the industry area you are in, e.g. Accounting, Financial service, Marketing, and Management or banker, healthcare, military, or education, etc.

 Put you name in the header on each page.


  1. B) Contents (60 points)


 Apply the knowledge you learned in ISOM 300 PM to a case in the field of your major, your own work, or an event in your daily life, such as weddings, student organization meetings, etc. (10)


 Using information from other sources beyond textbook is required. At least 5 references required. APA or MLA format for references. Note that reference list is not counted as part of 800 words (10 points)


 The information you used should be relevant (10 points)


 At least 800 words, using your own words to rewrite the quotation from other sources (30 points)


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