23 Nov
  • CO1 Explain the operation of commonly used input and output devices for discrete control in industrial manufacturing systems.
  • CO2 Develop a relay ladder logic control circuit that would meet given sequential process control requirements.
  • CO3 Analyze the operation of various solid state devices for industrial applications.
  • CO4 Design and analyze selected industrial electronic circuits using operational amplifiers and linear integrated circuits.
  • CO5 Design and analyze industrial electronic circuits using SCRs, TRIACs, and other thyristors.
  • CO6 Classify different sensors used in automated manufacturing applications and explain their operation.
  • CO7 Select the appropriate sensor given the parameters for a sensing application and integrate the sensor using effective design practices.
  • CO8 Explain the operation and characteristics of the various types of DC motors.
  • CO9 Analyze the operation of various types of DC motor control circuits.
  • CO10 Explain the operation characteristics, and industrial applications of the various types of AC motors and AC motor drive systems.
  • CO11 Analyze the characteristics, operation, and industrial applications of special-purpose motors.
  • CO12 Classify various types of programmable logic controllers (PLC) and describe their characteristics, operation, and industrial applications.
  • CO13 Classify various PLC programming languages and describe their characteristics.
  • CO14 Develop a PLC ladder logic diagram for a given process control application.



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