BIT1312 ● Multimedia Technology

22 Nov

BIT1312 – Multimedia Technology Page 1 of 2
BIT1312 ● Multimedia Technology
Department : Faculty of Information & Communication Technology
Program Name : B Sc (Hons) in Software Engineering with Multimedia
BSc(Hon) Information Technology
BSc(Hon) Mobile Computing
Commence Date : Week 4
Deadline Date : Week 9
Presentation : Week 9
Unit Controller / Examiner : Hemant Singh
Contact Number : 016-2335917 / ext 8127
E-mail :
Group Presentation and Blog – 40marks
Each group comprises of not more than 5 people will be doing coverage on
the topic of Internet and Telecommunications. Choose either one from:
i) HCI
ii) Mobile Computing
iii) Cloud computing
iv) Internet Security
v) Virtualization
vi) E-learning
vii) ICT
viii) Computer vision
ix) RFID
For the presentation, you must use the online presentation tool called Prezi,
which can be reached at
– Create your own blog for each group and update the blog with your
research information, pictures, and videos about your topic.
– Share your blog with other group members and allow them to comment
your blog.
– Most informative blog will give good marks.
– Copy paste is strictly not allowed in the blog.
– Use only blogspot/blogger.
Presentation In Prezi
– The content of the presentation must be presented within 6 minutes of
presentation with 3 minutes for Q&A.
– The content must be presented in a clear, structured and interesting
– Information should be in point form
– Encourage to use pictures, short video (not more than 1 min video)
Group Project
Page 2 of 2
– 1 ½ page summary of the topic (Size 12 ; Times New Roman ; 1.5 line
– Screenshot of the blog
– Include Blog URL
– Screenshot of the Prezi
– Must include references
– Softcopy and Hardcopy
– Includes Report
– Screenshot of Prezi and Blog
– URL of the blog
Project Ground Rules:
1. Plagiarism/Cheating is STRICTLY PROHIBITED and zero mark would
be awarded.
2. Assignment to be submitted on time in line with professional
3. Late submission will NOT be entertained and marks will be deducted.
4. If you fall sick or have problems with your assignment, you must advise
your instructor immediately – at least a week before the assignment is
due! (If you fall sick a day or two before your deadline, tough luck!). So,
you are advised to plan and work on your assignment beforehand!
5. Computer crashes are NOT excuses for late submission! ALWAYS
BACKUP your own works.
6. The assignment is to be submitted with a signed cover sheet available
to confirm the time and submission date.
7. Importantly, you are required to keep a copy of all submitted
assignments to safeguard against loss or missing assignments!!!
8. Dateline is strictly Deadline.

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