The Gospel of Luke Week 10

19 Nov
please Read Luke chapter 24
  • 10.A.1 How did the women likely feel as they approached the tomb? How are they similar in this emotion to other people whom we have met in the Gospel?
  • 10.A.2 How are they transformed in their feelings and actions by the angels? Again, how are they similar in this change to people previously encountered in Luke?
  • 10.A.3 Why was it so difficult for the disciples and the women to remember and act on the words of Jesus which promised his resurrection?
  • 10.A.4 If they had believed his words about the coming resurrection, what would have been different about the women and the disciples?
  • 10.A.5 Consider how the Gospel began in chapter one. Why is it fitting that the Gospel ends with angels bringing a message concerning the Savior who will soon be seen?
  • 10.B.1 When you get to the end of 24:12, what do you expect will be the next thing to happen? How does the episode of the Emmaus Road disciples either fulfill or change that expectation?
  • 10.B.2 How did the two disciples act and speak as they were summarizing the life of Jesus, 24:17-24?
  • 10.B.3 What did the disciples expect of Jesus, both in his ministry and even in his resurrection, if he was resurrected, 24:19-24?
  • 10.B.4 Why then did Jesus conduct his ministry and his day of resurrection so differently?
  • 10.B.5 Why did Jesus focus on the Old Testament prophecies rather than explain what he did and prove who he was right away?
  • 10.C.1 In 24:36-43, why was it vital that the disciples believe that Jesus actually rose in his body and that he was not merely a ghost?
  • 10.C.2 In 24:45, Jesus opened up their minds to understand the Scripture. How does this fulfill a struggle to understand the Scriptures that’s been going on throughout Luke? See also 2:50, 8:10, and 18:34.
  • 10.C.3 After the Ascension, 24:50-53, how are the disciples able to rejoice and worship, even though Jesus has left them?
  • 10.C.4 What was the most significant event in the Gospel of Luke for you?
  • 10.C.5 After studying Luke’s Gospel in this way, what was something new you learned about the person and work of Jesus?

1.     1.In chapter 12, Jesus speaks at length about riches and worry. Summarize what he teaches about wealth and our concern for the future.

2.In chapter 15 there are three parables. How do these three parables share a common message. However, what is distinctive about each of these parables?

3.How does the context of Luke 15:1-2 contribute to our understanding of the parables of chapter 15, especially the last parable with the younger and older brother?

4.In chapter 17, the thankful Samaritan returns after being healed. How do his actions demonstrate one or more of the key features of Luke’s Gospel?

5.Chapter 18 begins with two parables about prayer. Summarize Jesus’ teaching about prayer in these parables.

6.Write a paragraph that explains why Jesus sometimes taught through the use of parables.

7.How is Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem, chapter 19, and his own reaction both what we might expect and also a bit of a surprise?

8.Summarize Jesus’ actions and teachings in Jerusalem on the last days before his death, Luke 19-20.

9.In chapter 22, Jesus celebrates the Passover with the disciples just before his death. Why is it appropriate that he share this meal as his last time with the disciples?

10.Read Luke 23:39-43. How do the words of the thief on the cross fulfill one or more of the themes of the Gospel of Luke?

11.Read Luke 24:17-35. What was Jesus’ frustration with the disciples on the road? If they had understood what he explained to them, how would this have comforted them in their sorrow and given hope for the resurrection?

12.Choose any story or episode from the Gospel of Luke which is a good example of Luke’s presentation of Jesus and the Gospel. Why is this section important to your understanding of Jesus and his work?

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