The Norton Anthology of World Literature Volume B

17 Nov

Assignment: Read in The Norton Anthology of World Literature Volume B:

Finish Dante’s “Inferno,” Cantos pages I-V, pages 392-409. (Roughly 18 pages)

Submit Journal # 5  (saved as your initials and Journal 5) by 11 p.m. Monday, November 21, 2016. 

No Late journals will be graded.  (Remember: Canvas considers 11 p.m. LATE!!)

Journal #5 Assignment: Title: Cantos 1 – 5

For this journal entry, you will be addressing these five areas:

  1. How old is the character Dante at the beginning of the story?  Do you agree with his suggestion that this is the point when temptation is greatest?  Or is there another time in life when we are more likely to lose our way?
  • Do you agree that humans are “lost” without a spiritual guide in this world?  What about the irony of Dante’s choosing a pagan poet, one who lived before Christ was born, and therefore cannot have been “saved”?
  • How are the cowards punished in Canto III?  Does “the punishment fit the crime”?
  • In Canto IV Dante is welcomed and accepted by some of the best writers in human history.  Would you agree with those who accuse him of sinful pride?
  • Write your observations on the personal responsibility (ethical decision-making) or social responsibility (civic responsibility. Use a specific example from Cantos 1-5.











Remember the Guidelines for the Journal Entries:

  • Follow correct MLA (heading, header, double-spaced, Times New Roman 12 point font, and title: Journal Entry #).  Please go to Announcementsto the posting entitled “MLA, Incorporating Quotes, Norton Lit Guide” to review MLA formatting and in-text citations or for help incorporating quotes correctly.Remember to change the header to Times New Roman 12 point font.
  • 1 ½ – 2 pages
  • Three (3) quoted statements are required. (The quotes may not be from the head notes—the biographical information before the author’s work.  Points will be deducted for quoting from the head note and not the work). Please quote as follows:


 Virgil tells Dante the Pilgrim, “ ‘ Do not fear, the journey we are making / none can prevent:  such power did decree it’” ( 8. 104-05). *Use a space slash space to show where the verse ends.  Use double and single quotes if you are quoting a quote—make sure to double check if you are quoting a quote or not.  Finally, use canto number and lines of the poem for correct MLA in-text citation. Notice where the periods are placed: one after the canto number and at the end of the parentheses. Also make sure to explain the connection of the quote to your point.  The above example does not do that.  Do not begin a paragraph with a quote and do not end with a quote.

  •  Late journals will NOT be graded.  You should use your journal to explore your responses to the readings and discussions in the class. Use your writing as a tool to help you discover what you think.
  • Again, although you should read the author’s head note (background information before work), you should not address any of that information in your journal entry. Journal entries are to analyze the author’s writings.
  • Work Cited needed.  The example is at the end of this assignment.


Unacceptable Journal Writing and What to Avoid:

  • Commenting on author’s head note information
  • Summarizing the work
  • Plot summaries
  • Not having quotes
  • Superficial analysis not supported by concrete details (no quotes) (or reverse: quotes, but no analysis)
  • Plagiarism
  • Grammar interferes with the understanding of meaning
  • Writing a personal essay about yourself (Responses should be to ideas in the literature.)
  • Statements of your personal taste in reading (I like it/didn’t like it, didn’t interest me.)
  • Statements of your personal challenges (The reading was difficult/didn’t understand it.)
  • Do not write anything that you do not want shared with the instructor or with members of the class.
  • Do not write vulgarities or obscenities.
  • DO NOT find a library book or website on the reading and copy and paste from it. Your work should be your own.

Final Comments: Entries reveal that you have engaged in thought provoking dialogue that elaborates and extends the discussion of the literature.   Late journals will not be graded.  Journals will be graded on a scale of 1-100. 

The following is an attempt at the Works Cited page; however, Canvas does not keep the Word format, so make sure you follow correct MLA: double space, align left, handing indention. The YouTube video addresses this formatting.

Work Cited


Alighieri, Dante.  Inferno. Trans. Mark Musa.  The Norton Anthology of 

World Literature. Gen. ed. Martin Puchner. 3rd ed. Vol. B. New York: Norton,

  • 392-511. Print.



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