Paper _3 Annotated Bibliography

17 Nov

English 1302

Paper #3 / Annotated Bibliography

The above link offers more information about the process, but follow the directions below to achieve the maximum points.


Paper #3 is the annotated  bibliography for your argumentative essay (Paper #4).  Even though #3 is not the same format as a regular academic essay, I will grade it on the same scale as the other essays (100 points).

You need to research 10 secondary sources. Nine must be from the library databases, and one may be from the Internet.  Be sure your Internet source is a valuable support source for your argument.

Your sources must be from 10  different  journals , books, and websites.

Each source citation should contain the following:

  1. Proper MLA citation (5 pts. each source for a total of 50 pts.)
  2. Brief (2 sentences) summary of the article (2 pts. each source for a total of 20 pts.)
  3. Brief (2 sentences) comment on the usefulness of the source to your argument (3 pts. each source for a total of 30 pts.







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