Case 74 Ethical Issues Over DNR Orders

17 Nov

Visited her father in three years, despite the fact that she lives only a few miles away from the nursing home. The daughter ignores your question and continues to insist on a maximum level of medical care. She refuses to entertain the possibility of a do not resuscitate (DNR) order.


Her brother, however, agrees to the DNR and stated “It’s not as if he’s there really. Our father died a long time ago.” Upon further questioning, the son reveal he has the father’s power of attorney, and therefore has the authority to make the DNR decision in this case.




Discussion Questions.

  1. What are the facts in this situation?
  2. Autonomy, nonmaleficence, beneficence, and justice are the cornerstone, of the ethical decision making. What ethical dilemmas does this case illustrate?
  3. Have any principles of ethical decision making been violated in this case? What ones have been supported? How might our cultural upbringing personal assumptions, and opinions influence our decisions as health care mangers? Provide rationales for your responses.
  4. Based on what you know from this short case; why do you think Mr. Warden’s daughter is so insistent on wanting “everything” done for her father?
  5. What if Mr. Warden was wealthy and had a large estate? Would that change your opinion of the sons and his responses? Provide a rationale for your responses.
  6. If the son had no power of attorney, how could this issue be resolved? Can a physician decide to withdraw care without the consent of the family? Who has the final say in the care of a patient in this condition? Provide your reflections and persona opinion as well as your recommendations and rationale for your responses.





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