MAS2024: Solid works input & output images

16 Nov

The structure in Figure 01 is made up of a steel (E = 200GPa) rectangular beam ABC with depth h= 40 mm and width b = 30 mm and two wood (E=10 GPA) pin-connected members BD and CD with 25 mm square cross section. If load P= 9 KN is applied to the beam at C, determine the reaction at support D and maximum stress in the steel beam and wood members.

Figure 01: Problem Structure.

(Note: A is fixed and D is roller support) RD = 13.086 KN
Analytical answer: Maximum stress in the steel beam 92.1 MPa and maximum stress in wood 13.1 Mpa. (10% error is acceptable in numerical solution)
Supporting Sketch:

1. Image of the model and assembly.
2. Image of loading and boundary conditions.
3. Images of generated stress output for beam and wood showing the maximum stresses.

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