13 Nov

The date is March 22, 1854. Mr. Eric Jones goes back home from his 12-hour shift in a textile mill in Manchester, England, in a cool evening. He asks his wife to prepare him a hot cup of tea in their special ceramic set. He likes his tea sweet. Explain what kind of social and historical conditions existed in the world that made it possible for Mr. Jones to have that cup of hot tea at his home.

ii. Describe what a “nation-state” is, and how it is different from older “empires.”  Why does Benedict Anderson call the nation-state an “imagined community”?

iii. Describe the scope and demands of anti-colonial (visionary) movements of mid-19th century in the China, North America, and Africa?  Who their leaders were and what were the outcomes of these conflicts?

iv. Define mercantilism and explain in what ways industrial capitalism diverged from its practices. Make sure that you explain the relation between the state and the market in each system.  In what ways the period knows as the Age of Dual Revolutions gave rise to modern capitalism? How did industrial capitalism change the relationship between colonial powers and their colonies?

v. While very few benefitted from it, the expansion of Laissez-Faire capitalism in Europe generated more resistance and protest around the world. Define what a laissez-faire capitalism. Describe the demands, the movement, and the outcome of three major revolts against capitalist and colonial expansion in Africa, China, and the United States.

vi. Explain how the ideas of “manifest destiny” and “white man’s burden” gave justification for colonial intentions in America and Europe, respectively.  How did Western Imperialism transform Africa and Asia during this period?

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