Culture Value Assignment

10 Nov

Part 1

Why is it important for us to be aware of other cultures and their cultural values?  Have you had experience interacting with individuals from other cultures?  If so, how did this interaction change the way you viewed their culture or your own culture?

Part 2

Select a country (you cannot choose the US or France). Please choose a state that has not already been chosen by a classmate. 3. Read through the information on your country and identify 3 cultural values held by the members of that culture. 4. Create a post and explain each cultural value that you found (REMINDER: make sure that you paraphrase the information you found in your own words – DO NOT copy and paste) 5. See the “Sample” as an example of how to format your post. Talking about the schools , and tell how your family blends in with the  country you pick. Choose a country you write about with 3 or 4 paragraphs. Please explain in your own words, and you give an example of like your grandparent, parent, friends, or another example of your experiences.


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