Assignment – City and Future

09 Nov

Assignment – City and Future


The assignment is asking you to summarize and develop your own design philosophy and/or proactive manifesto

The format is A5 and limited to 1000 words or visual essay (you can even make a movie!)

You still have to base your work on theory!


In this assignment you are asked to critically engage with the contemporary thinkers on cities presented in the lectures: “Manhattan: an urban laboratory: Rem Koolhaas, Bernard Tschumi”, “Sustainability: Richard Rogers” and “Planning without a plan”. In the report you are required to discuss your own ideas on city and architecture and to summarize (again critically and according to your topic) how various architects have addressed the issue over time. It is expected that based on the knowledge you have obtained in this unit, together with your own interest and research you have done in other units you will be working towards your own design position.



Summarize and develop your own design philosophy/proactive manifesto for Canberra, 


Extend the report through three steps.


Step 1: Develop the topic and list of all the issues/aspects that your design addresses.

Discuss separately each one of them.

  • Conduct further research on your selected theme (begin with the list of recommended readings)
  • It is recommendable to define (or make an examples) of the negative aspects (problems) of design and your own proposal. Explain in depth how your proposed design is solving the problem.
  • Develop and further refine:

The structure and logic of your argument.

Your written expression. Your text should be both succinct and persuasive.

Your discussion of the relevant sources.


Step 2: extend your discussion through the analysis and interpretation key projects and/or cities/architects.

  • Extend your written discussion through your analysis and interpretation of this project.
  • Use the examples of cities or arguments to support your ideas.
  • Develop at least one diagram (or visual interpretation) that presents the relationship of the selected project and social and/or cultural challenge for the city



Step 3: clarify and improve the design of your document.

  • Refine and extend your image selection – incorporating your analytical drawings. It is better to have your own drawings, sketches, diagrams than somebody else’s. If you are using somebody’s data in order to create your own diagram, make sure that you annotate that (by using “based on…” etc)
  • Refine the relationship between image and text.
  • Refine the clarity of the graphic composition and layout.




1000 words or Visual Essay. A5 fold-out (continuous). No page limits. Referencing as per guide provided. Text type and font: as determined by the student. Page format: as determined by student.

Middle pages: Text and image.

End page: Endnotes/captions.


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