08 Nov

Question 1.

Describe Captain Mahan’s theories.  What are “lines of communication” and what does this lead to in Mahan’s theories?  How are the principles of warfare either supported or refuted by his theories?

Question  2.  Douhet

Read the Naval War College Review article from Autumn 1992 on pages 97-103.   Do you agree or disagree with the article?(file attached to question)

Question 3.  Clausewitz, Naval Power, Air Power

Clausewitz lived and worked in a land-based environment.  His “On War” did not address naval forces and, of course, air forces had not been introduced.   How do you think his theories and ideas would have been influenced by air power?

Question 4.  Air Power Theorists and Naval Theorists

Select a theorist or strategist from the late 19th century or 20th century who advocated air power or naval power or introduced new air, air-land, or naval strategies.  Discuss his theory or strategy.

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