GEN 230 Research Assignment: U.S. POLITICAL PARTIES

08 Nov

GEN 230 Research Assignment: U.S. POLITICAL PARTIES

Directions:  Using the Proquest Database, find  information regarding the two dominant political parties in our nation’s history, Republicans and Democrats.  Write a 1 to 2 page summary of the two parties and include the following:


  1.  When were the two parties created?
  2. In what part of the country and with which specific groups of people were the parties most connected?
  3. Discuss their early leaders, such as early Presidential candidates (for example, you will find that Lincoln was the first republican and Jackson the first democrat) and other well known figures in the respective parties.
  4. What did the parties stand for in the beginning?  What are the main ideas and policies that separate them now?
  5. Use at least 2 sources from the Proquest Database in this summary.  Research hint:  any good historical summary of the Republicans and Democrats should give you what you need for this assignment.  As for finding out what the parties believe in today, you can check out their respective
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