Coleman Art Museum

08 Nov

Coleman Art Museum

Case Work Sheet

Type up your answer to the questions below. Your answers should be concise. Reminder: We are nowon Chapter 9 (Marketing Strategy Reformulation),

Where relevant, make sure you use the terminology in this chapter.1.

How would you rate the overall performance of the museum?

2. What are the roles and financial expectations for a museum’s auxiliary activities and how are theseactivities performing?

3. Calculate the unit contribution of each personal membership category (Regular through Director’sClub) in 2004.

4. Do you think the member recruiting and renewals marketing efforts in 2004, particularly the direct mail solicitations, were successful? Should the direct-mail program be continued on an annual basis,given the data presented in the case?

5. Identify the three main proposals (the $2 admission fee, the $30 membership, raising discounts to20% at the Skyline Buffet and gift shop) that are up for consideration and provide pros and cons(quantitative and qualitative arguments should be used) for each proposal.

6. Which proposals do you think are feasible and which are not? Provide your rationale.

7. Based on your recommendations from question 5, along with other information provided in thecase, develop a pro forma income statement for 2005, highlighting the assumptions you have madefor any changes from 2004. Discuss whether or not your plan and pro forma income statement willhelp reverse the museum’s financial situation.

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