Week 1 assignment

02 Nov

All responses are to be substantive, showing critical thinking. They must also be free from grammatical and spelling errors (there is a spell check readily available in the response box to assist you). Here are the guidelines:

– Responses must be in paragraph format and be interactive to promote further discussion unless the activity requires otherwise;

-Use resources from any assigned course material or your own research;

Use APA formatting for any in-text citations and references. Any information that was not personally researched and originated by you (i.e. surveys you conducted, interviews, observances, etc.) or is ‘common knowledge’ should have in-text citations and references.
Learning Activity #1


Please think about the best and worst jobs you have ever had. If you have never had a job, think of a school project instead. What made the job or project great or horrible?

what do you think are the most common features of the best jobs? What are the most common features of the worst jobs?


Learning Activity #2

Often our own stereotypes get in the way when opening our minds to new and creative ideas. So, for this learning activity, please state one stereotype you believe exists towards yourself (cultural, religious, or other) and two stereotypes that exists towards people whom are different from you. Why do you think the stereotypes exist? Do you feel these stereotypes should be changed? If so, how would you change them in a workplace?


Learning Activity #3

Do you think younger and older people are similar in what makes them happier at work and committed to their companies? Do you think there are male and female differences? Research this using our course materials and explain your answers. Remember to cite and reference using APA format. Please reference at the end of the post, rather than attaching a separate reference page.


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