Art 1301:Museum Assignment

01 Nov

Museum Assignment #1.



Choose five works of art from the Menil Collection:




  1. What is the title? The date it was created? Who is the artist? Where are they from? Choose at least two works from the Antiquities gallery and one from the Picasso Line exhibit.  The Antiquities Gallery will have works from our Chapter Sixteen as well as the African Arts collection.



  1. Do not copy, but paraphrase any information that may be available on the museum label. If the work is part of an exhibit, what is the title of the exhibit?



  1. What is the subject matter of the artwork?  The subject of the work is what you actually see when you look at the work?

Be thorough when you describe the subject matter of the work of art, i.e. Paleolithic incised bone fragment. The work is approximately 4 inches long by 2 inches wide. There are representational incised line drawings of reindeer in profile on the face of the shard. The work is typical of most Paleolithic works since it is small and has realistic (representational) images of animals in profile.  Date:




  1. How has the artist used the formal elements to create the work?
  • Is lineimportant? If so, what kind of line is the artist using?
  • Outlines, expressive lines, analytical lines, implied lines? Etc.
  • How has the artist usedspacein the work of art? Is there linear perspective? Is there depth of field? What clues are there to the perspective that the artist has chosen?
  • How has the artist usedlight?
  • How has the artist usedcolor?
  • What abouttimeandmotion?



  1. What medium has the artist chosen? Is the medium important to the message that the artist is trying to communicate?




  1. After considering all of the above information, what do you think that the

Content of the work of art is? Content differs from SubjectContent is what the work of art means, Subject is what you actually see when you look at the work of art.



You may need to research the artist or the culture from which your work of art comes to help you to understand the content. Most of your research should come from your textbook and ancillary materials

Answer the question in complete sentence form.

_Museum_Writing_1 AA MENIL FALL 2016.doc

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